Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. is excited to have been a part of the AIDS / Life Cycle event which took place on June 2-8, 2019.  It was a life-changing ride—not a race—through some of California’s most beautiful countryside. 

The topic of philanthropy came up in one of our meetings while reviewing our annual charitable contributions. We decided to make an unsolicited donation to the Los Angeles LGBT Center. During the donation process, we came across the link to AIDS/Life Cycle and remembered we had participated in this event in 2008. This lead us to the question “why have we waited 10 years to do it again?" After further discussion and kicking around some ideas we decided to create a team comprised of Sharpe employees and clients and here we are... the “Drywall Cowboys”.

We recognize the value we bring to our staff, peers and clients by doing what we can to give back to our communities. Our philanthropic support for our clients continues to build and foster stronger relationships, and for our employees, it helps stimulate collaboration and develops an even more committed team. Overall, we know it’s the right thing to do... it is a part of who we are at Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc.

Thank you to all who supported our cyclists and helped them reach their personal goals of $6,000 each!!!

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