At Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc., we feel there are four areas where we can create more value for our clients:  in our personal relationships, in our relationships with our project team members, with our co-workers, and with the stakeholders in our projects.  This enables us to work with others in ways that leverage and build on others’ innate strengths, allowing project teams to work together more effectively and get projects done faster. In this way, we master the ability to create immense value for our clients, supervisors, co-workers, organization and overall project team.

The first step in setting up our project to deliver value incrementally is to clearly define small and large-scale deliverables in the planning phase. We spell out when during the project timeline each of these will be completed, even more minor deliverables that are part of a larger project milestone.

The second key is by creating value for our supervisors and, ultimately, our organization.  We find that the best way to create the maximum value for your project is actually quite simple: get your projects done, and get them done fast.  The best way to make sure your projects are brought to completion is by setting tight deadlines for ourselves and our project team.  Learning and mastering project planning and time management skills that work for us is crucial to being a company who gets their projects done and gets them done fast.

Ultimately, a projects success depends on our ability to work with others.  To most successfully collaborate with others, we approach it from the perspective of, “what’s in it for you?” When we develop positive collaborative relationships with our co-workers, we learn to work together on projects that build on each team member’s unique strengths.  Far from being a “waste of time,” this effort we make to collaborate more intentionally with others pays back dividends in terms of how fast we get projects done and how well we communicate with the overall project team.  

Lastly, we find that it’s important to think about creating value for others beyond the work environment. One of our mantras here at Sharpe is that “life is a series of projects.” And like any project we encounter in the work environment, projects in our personal life have stakeholders, requirements, and deadlines.  Expressing our appreciation is a key part of providing value for others. If someone has helped us in a way that did not cost them great time or resources, we say “thank you”.

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