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Sharpe Secures Coveted CREST Award Once More from Finishing Contractors Association!


We're thrilled to share that Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. has once again been honored as a recipient of the prestigious CREST AWARD by the Finishing Contractors Association. The FCA's CREST Awards (Contractors Recognizing Excellence in Safety Training) spotlight contractors who demonstrate exceptional commitment to maintaining effective safety programs. This recognition underscores our ongoing dedication to safety excellence, reinforcing our position as a leader in the industry.


Sharpe’s unwavering commitment to safety has earned us the esteemed title of the safest contractor in North America once more!


Winners of the CREST awards are carefully selected based on rigorous criteria, including Safety Program Efforts, Experience Modification Rate, and Incident Data. Through our consistent efforts and exemplary performance in these areas, Sharpe has garnered international acclaim as a safety trailblazer within our industry.


We extend heartfelt appreciation to all Sharpe employees for their steadfast dedication to safety and our comprehensive safety program. Your hard work and dedication have resulted in remarkable achievements across all three measurable targets.


Thank you for your continued commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety excellence. Together, we affirm our commitment to safety as an integral part of our company culture and philosophy.

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