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Pictures and Recap of 1st Sharpe-Sponsored
Union Certification Class

A Day of Training 2_29_20_117.jpg

Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. is dedicated to giving all employees the opportunity and the tools to succeed in their career and in life. All aspects of our company are designed with employees success in mind.  Every year, as part of our strategic plan, we create a theme with a specific focus.  Last year it was health and wellness. This year's theme is education. The Sharpe 2020 calendar is filled with programs and events specifically focused on education.


On February 29, 2020, we held our first company-wide “Day of Training” at the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters (SWRCC) facility in Anaheim. True to style, this event was fully sponsored by Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. and all the classes were arranged exclusively for Sharpe employees. Those who attended were given a "Sharpe Swag Bag" and served LA’s famous Breakfast Burritos from La Azteca Tortilleria and lunch from the Habit Burger Mobile Grill. 


Daniel Escareno, Assistant Director at the SWRCC was amazed by the turnout and stated “we don’t see this many union carpenters in a week”.  SWRCC's  Technology Coordinator said “nobody does it like Sharpe Interior Systems”. 


A lot was accomplished in one day and all who attended benefited by completing their required courses, which included: 


·      First Aid / CPR

·      Scaffold Refresher

·      Fall Protection

·      Mobile Elevated Work Platform, Group A Type 3, Group B, Type 3

·      Bluebeam

·      Procore


Thank you to all the Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. employees who attended our first company-sponsored “Day of Training”. We hope to see you at one of our next educational events:


Union Cert Classes – Drywall 101 - Blue Print 101 – Finishers 101 - Framing 101


A big thank you to the SWRCC team for their partnership and for sharing their facility.


A big shout out to the Sharpe team who made this all happen including Kenney Asmus, Patricia Herron, Barbara Kelsey, Kristen De Loera, Michael Lormans, and Julie Bandini.


Enjoy the pics!

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