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Gensler OOTF, Los Angeles

GC:  Tectonics     Architect:  Gensler

The Sharpe Team:
Project Manager:  Samuel Cuevas, Jr.
Assistant Project Manager:  Nate Johnson
Superintendents:  Alex Munoz & Sammy Arellano

Foreman:  Jose Toscano
Taper Foreman:  Jose Guzman

Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. has a long and valued relationship with Gensler, having completed more than 200 projects with them throughout our company’s history.


In 2011, Gensler leased the upper two floors of a three-story building nestled between the twin 52-story skyscrapers of City National Plaza, moving its regional headquarters to DTLA after operating in Santa Monica for 20 years.  Sharpe was originally commissioned for drywall work which included the addition of a large skylight and a mezzanine that increased the number of square feet in the offices from 32,000 to 45,000.


In 2020, Sharpe was once again commissioned for an office expansion to create a “vertical creative campus,” the first to be seen in DTLA. The transformation connected their existing three-level atrium with the third and fourth levels of the adjacent north office tower. This allowed the Gensler design teams to utilize additional creative office space which provides better opportunities to connect in an open, urban environment. The space houses a coffee bar, lounge, and flexibility for meetings and entertainment venue.


And finally, 12 years after the first renovation, Sharpe is contracted once again to remodel their Office of the Future (OOTF) space.  Most work is being completed on the third floor which is about 21,000 square-feet and includes renovating work areas to create new open offices as well as converting a large corner office into a much larger, and much needed executive conference room.  Private offices, conference rooms, and lunch areas are also being revamped to give the space an aesthetic upgrade.  Some walls in the space will receive a level 5 finish for custom-designed graphics.


A special highlight of this project includes design, furnishing and installing custom, pre-bent pieces of metal around light pockets at the perimeter of the conference room.  These were custom pieces of finished metal to house recessed lights.  At the request of Gensler, Sharpe took on this unique challenge to alleviate the hiring of another trade which helped keep the design consistent.


The Sharpe Project Managers and Foremen sketched out the pre-bent pieces of metal while in the field and sent them to Michael Lormans in the office, who then shipped them to Westside Building Material in Anaheim to manufacture the pieces.  By doing this, it saved us and our client time and money and gave the office a consistent, finished look.


The Sharpe team is currently hanging lids and the taping process began the week of May 29th.

Hover over each picture for a detailed description.  Click on each picture for full view.

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