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Sharpe Drywall 101

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. is focused on sharing construction knowledge through training, educational programs, and mentorship. Our mission is to go beyond what is taught by our respected Union Partners and Industry Associations. At Sharpe, we aim to provide our workforce with the knowledge needed to become Master Craftsmen. 


Since the beginning, Sharpe’s mission has been to be the best choice for drywall and metal stud framing in Southern California. We believe we have achieved our goal. Maintaining this status could only be possible through a highly developed workforce supported by a platform of continuous learning.

On August 27, Sharpe held a day of training titled “Drywall 101”. Days prior to the event, the field operations team, in conjunction with a few Sharpe lead persons, built out a training area inside the Sharpe warehouse in Valencia. The full-scale mock-up included different building conditions that served as a hands-on demonstration area. The Sharpe instructors shared best practices and walked the group through a list of specific items and tasks that were provided by our field operations team.

We want to thank all those who took time from their personal Saturday schedule to come learn how to expand their construction knowledge. We also want to thank everyone involved who helped put this training day together. 



~ Craftsmen have specific skills that allow them to perform tasks that someone without those skills would not be able to effectively perform. The skills come in the form of intellectual knowledge (math, logic, communication, science, social sciences); procedural training (the sequence of events of a set of tasks); and technical techniques (how to safely operate power tools and equipment) ~

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