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At Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc., we feel there are four areas where we can create more value for our clients:  in our personal relationships, in our relationships with our project team members, with our co-workers, and with the stakeholders in our projects.  This enables us to work with others in ways that leverage and build on others’ innate strengths, allowing project teams to work together more effectively and get projects done faster. In this way, we master the ability to create immense value for our clients, supervisors, co-workers, organization and overall project team. Ultimately, a projects success depends on our ability to work with others. 

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At Sharpe, we procure drywall, metal studs and other building materials from local suppliers who in turn source products from companies like U.S. Gypsum and Clark Dietrich who have local manufacturing plants and local distribution centers, thus supporting the economy in our surrounding communities, reducing transportation costs and overall energy consumption.


Sharpe uses 50-gallon drums of drywall mud on many of our projects. These reusable containers limit packaging waste that would otherwise require the collection, handling, and processing of tons of plastic and pulp that can in some cases end up in a landfill.  We also proudly support other eco-friendly industry partners like Internal Removal Specialist, Inc. (IRS). IRS is a local demolition company that operates out of a 14-acre facility and is the only interior demolition contractor in the country that runs its own recycling facility. Because they run their own recycling facility, they are able to ensure that their recycling practices consistently exceed the standards set forth by both the USBGC and local building codes.


Sharpe is also a proud community partner with the South Bay Workforce Investment Board (SBWIB), Career Expansion, Inc. (CEI), and Coastline Community College (CCC), all local vocational training facilities focused on providing resources and education to create a pathway for a career in the construction industry. Sharpe has also partnered with The One Stop program, which is focused on training people in local, underserved communities. At Sharpe, we believe it is important to create a work force that benefits the local communities. We believe having a work force in the immediate area rather than commuting from outlined areas creates a more practical and sustainable eco-friendly solution in the long term.

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AIDS Life Cycle
American Heart
American Red Cross - with box
Artist for Trauma
Autism Speaks
Bob and Barbara White
Bowl for Kids Sake
Carousel Ranch
City of Hope - with box
Henry Mayo Newhall
Inclusion Matters - with box
Junior Achievement
Land of the Free
March of Dimes
Rosenthal - with box
Team Michelle - with box
UCI Anti Cancer- with box

Our management, workforce and client diversity truly represents the Southern California communities we live and build in. As a part of Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. business strategy, we recognize the value we bring to our staff, peers and clients by doing what we can to give back to our Southern California communities.  Our philanthropic support for our clients continues to build and foster stronger relationships.  For our employees, it helps stimulate collaboration and develops an even more committed team.  Overall, we know it’s the right thing to do... it is a part of who we are at Sharpe Interior Systems.


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IIDA Calibre Award Winner 2022

Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. is proud to be a part of a recognized team who have won awards based on excellence in project design, delivery, construction, safety, and sustainability.  Project awards highlight the level of quality we commit to each of our projects on a daily basis.  We feel receiving an award is the ultimate validation of a project team's success. We are grateful and appreciative when industry organizations, the media, and our peers recognize a job well-done. For decades, Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. has been a part of award winning teams. We are proud to recognize our team's accomplishments and celebrate the successes we have accomplished together.  A sampling is listed below.


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AIA Los Angeles
AWCI with border-NEW
Career Expansion
United Brotherhood of Carpenters
Painters DC36
Southwest Carpenters

As leaders in our industry, we feel it is important for our team to share and learn with our industry peers. The time we commit to local industry organizations only helps us better understand how we can improve on our project collaboration, development approach, and establish stronger teaming opportunities while maintaining the most up to date knowledge in our market. We accomplish these goals through participating and supporting industry organizations.

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