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We are a premier Union labor firm that specializes in drywall and metal stud framing. Founded by drywall craftsman Steve Sharpe in 1976, Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. has celebrated over 44 years as a drywall contractor in Southern California. Priding itself on quality, service and a unique relationship-focused style, Sharpe has delivered innovative solutions across a broad spectrum of projects ranging from commercial tenant improvement, healthcare, retail, hospitality, and commercial high-rise.


We are a people-focused organization that recognizes our executives as one of the company’s prime assets.  We focus on finding the best in the industry and once we find them, we encourage and support them as they bring their personal market segment experience and specific areas of expertise to your project.  Our executives bring a deep understanding of industry knowledge, best practices and an overall comprehensive leadership skill set to the projects they work on and their inclusive value is a constant; from the start of the bid process to project submittals to our field construction and project close-out.



Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. has an extremely diverse portfolio including office campus, corporate interiors, hotel, hospitality, residential, healthcare, education, entertainment, public, and retail market sectors. You can be confident when you hire Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. that your project will be built with the accumulated project knowledge and staff expertise of our team.  Whether the project is a complex soffit or an oblong ceiling panel, we enjoy architecturally challenging projects that require a unique problem solving talent and expertise to accomplish. It is our goal to help the architect’s vision become a reality.


Although we continue to boast of our quality craftsmanship in our workforce, Sharpe’s local management team also brings an unparalleled value to a project.  We are flexible, willing and able to do the job the general contractor’s way in order to satisfy special operating requirements, cost savings efforts or accomplish fast track schedules.  Suppliers are an integral part of our team and the materials they provide are an essential key to our success and the value we bring to you and your project.

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Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. and DIRTT Environmental Solutions have joined forces in a partnership to make Sharpe your local DIRTT solutions provider.  The Sharpe+DIRTT alliance opens up a new opportunity for our industry partners, combining space customization with modern construction. 



Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc.

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