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Our Preconstruction Services and Design-Assist approach are practices that help us meet the project schedule and eliminate costly inefficiencies and duplicate processes.  We create an all-inclusive plan for our entire team to follow and carry out in the field during construction.  Our approach to Preconstruction Services is to work as an inclusive team with all involved to ensure we understand the expectations of the entire team.  We believe that by utilizing a team approach, we can provide a more comprehensive construction plan that will result in tighter construction pricing, fewer change orders, and a more accurate schedule. 

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We consistently deliver the highest quality drywall installations and can satisfy the requirements of the most architecturally complex designs, in addition to the demands of challenging jobsite conditions.  We go beyond the walls.  We meticulously determine the schedule and sequencing of other team subcontractors and where we fall within their sequencing and vice versa. We listen to our subcontractor team members as we consider site logistics, material production, pre-purchasing of long lead items, as well as strategic stocking operations.  Our success throughout the construction phase starts with a preconstruction plan that includes a thorough base estimate, detailed material sourcing, accurate production, accurate staffing and thoughtful project management. 

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We use Lean Technology and recognize the value of identifying conflict in construction.  We pride ourselves in finding solutions prior to beginning construction and collaborating with our trade partners throughout the life cycle of the project.  3D modeling and electronic file sharing is common in the design and construction industry for the constructability review process.  At Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc., we are committed to this progressive approach in project teaming and collaboration. Our in-house detailers are expert in the latest BIM technology including NavisWorks, REVIT, AUTOCAD, Plan Grid and Bluebeam. 

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Our Quality Assurance Program maintains that the standard of production quality and highest levels of drywall installation are provided to every project on a daily basis. From the start of each project, we identify a job specific Quality Control Supervisor to execute a daily inspection, document each day’s work, and maintain the findings in a project Quality Assurance book.  We work to understand what the client wants at every facet of the project and our Quality Assurance protocol helps us accomplish our goal to provide you with a zero punch list.

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LEED® Platinum

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Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. has committed to sustainable design in the built environment and has an internal certification education program. Our LEED® accredited professionals better support the industry design trends and the changing construction standards.  We must do our part to respect the environment and we believe that sustainable construction can be implemented into our work with minimal or no impact on the overall budget.

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