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Ultimately, we are people working for people.  Our one-on-one interactive commitment with our clients helps us meet your construction schedule and project needs.  The integrity, honesty, and hard work of our people helps us build the strongest client relationships in the Southern California marketplace. Our management team has introduced progressive thinking to the drywall contracting process that is characterized by flexibility, simplification, and an orientation to customer needs and expectations. The Sharpe team consistently demonstrates a commitment to quality and a work ethic that supports team building, collaboration and problem solving at a personal level.

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Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. is a Union affiliated company.  All of our field workers are members of the Local 1506 Carpenter’s Union or the District 36 Painters and Tapers Union.  We pride ourselves on the level of craftsmanship and skill of our team members.​  Our field employees are not only individual drywall experts, but they are teachers as well.  We understand the impact incoming generations of drywallers, hangers, and tapers have on continuing the foundation and growth of our organization and industry.  We encourage mentorship to continue the growth and knowledge of our teams.​  We build teams that truly enjoy working together and are unparalleled in the production field.  ​

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Kenney Asmus

Director of Operations

Keith Costanzo

President and CFO

Fayez Zorob

Executive Vice President

Antony Field

Chief Estimator

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