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Sharpe Extends American Red Cross SleevesUp Campaign through 2021

Last March, Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. started “Sharpe Sleeves Up”, a year-long campaign to support the American Red Cross with blood and cash donations. We had three goals in mind when starting this campaign: (1) provide lifesaving blood for people in need, (2) provide financial support for one of the biggest humanitarian organizations in the country, and (3) provide educational information to Sharpe’s network of employees, family, friends and industry partners. We also hoped our campaign would continue beyond its timeline, impacting volunteers in a way that would change their lives and their understanding of community service.


Sharpe SleevesUp launched on March 1, 2020. Little did we know, just a few short weeks after its launch, the world would be dealing with a global health emergency, COVID-19, and almost instantly, over 95% of the American Red Cross blood drives had been canceled. We realized this campaign was ambitious, but with a passion to succeed, and in true Sharpe fashion, we decided to continue with this life saving mission. We knew we could not predict the road ahead, but we were confident in our ability to learn, plan and execute.


Currently, Sharpe SleevesUp has received over 360 pledges, volunteers have donated over 280 pints of blood, and Sharpe has donated over $28,000 to the American Red Cross. 


Sharpe SleevesUp is literally helping to save lives. The need for blood is never ending and it is because of these reasons, we have decided to extend Sharpe SleevesUp through the end of 2021. 


THANK YOU, to all the volunteers who have already pledged and donated blood. We encourage you, and those who have not, to consider supporting Sharpe SleevesUp by making a blood donation. For every pint of blood you donate, Sharpe will donate $100 to the American Red Cross in your name!


Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. is more than just drywall. We are a people-focused organization with a culture of giving back to our community. This is who we are and we know it is the right thing to do.


Please spread the word to your family, friends, co-workers and industry partners. Your support is appreciated.

Thank you Sharpe employees, family, friends and industry partners:

Abraham Ramirez

Adam Bice

Addyson Nunez

Albert Nunez

Alec Pettersen

Alejandra Martinez

Alirio Castellanos

Alissa Torres

Andrea Umali

Angela Perry

Angelo San Paolo

Antelmo Gonzalez

Arturo Martinez

Arturo Solorio

Ashley Medrano

Barbara Kelsey

Becca Dobbs

Benjamin Bearden

Betty Avery

Bill Funderburg

Brad Fahlman

Brett Overend

Bryan Kelly

Carmen Davis

Charles Nelson

Christina Greystone

Claudia Amaya

Claudia Thompson

Cristian Rangel

Damian Buessing

Daniel Stafford

Dara Walker

Darrin Craig

David (Jesus) Flores

Dawn Costanzo

Deanna Rott

Deeniece Huynh

Derik Lindsey

Devin Nunez

Donald Fraser

Emilio Moyao

Erin Lawless

Eustaquio Jimenez

Eva  De Loera

Evan Avery

Fayez Zorob

Gayle Gibson

Genevieve West

Gilbert Castro

Gilberto Castro, SR.

Greg O'Connor

Heather Karpp

Holly Cindell

Jack Johnson

Jacqueline Garcia

James Hindman

Jane Kepros

Jeunique Voissem

Joel Nasers

Jon Ricketts

Jose Lopez

Jose Rico-Benitez

Joseph Romero

Joshua Giacone

Julie Bandini (campaign co-chair)

Karen Bautzer

Kariann Asmus

Kat SanFilippo

Keith Costanzo

Keith Mac

Kenneth Thorbjornsen

Kenneth Asmus

Kristen De Loera

Kristina Moyao

Larry Shufelt

Lauren Ramos

Leah Santiago

Leandro Porcallo

LeAnn Battle Laridon

Leo Bandini

Leonardo Fernandez

Leslee Boyd

Lindsey Sielaff

Lynne Smith

Maggie Escamilla

Maggie Minnella

Marco Saucedo

Margit Lee

Maria Porcallo

Marina Garcia

Marisela Matthews

Mark Fuller

Mark Pomeroy

Marta Martin

Martin Clay Preston

Mary Ann Capistrano

Mary Cox

Matthew Loorya

Michael Keyser

Michael Lormans

Michelle Barnhart

Michelle Fiala

Michelle Keyser

Mike Anderschat

Mynna Tabuloc

Nancy Stafford

Natalie Acosta

Nicolas Evans

Pamela Pancoast

Pat Tabarejo

Pranasha Shrestha

Richard Zuvala

Riston Smith

Robert Killingbeck

Robert Soto (campaign co-chair)

Ron Wollard

Ronaldo Arroyo

Ronnell Kelly

Ronnie Thomason

Rubelle Garay

Ruben Escamilla

Sabrina Padilla

Sammi Shepherd

Sammy Arellano

Sarah Carr

Scott Kelsey

Sean O'Connor

Serra Robison

Shashwat Shrestha

Srijana Shrestha

Stacy Anderschat

Stephanie Monsen

Stephen Smith

Stephen Trevino

Steve Sharpe

Steve Valdez

Steven Dannaway

Steven Han

Sylvia Murillo

Taghrid Zorob

Thomas Walsh

Tim Koenig

Vanessa Nguyen

Venessa Trevino

Veronica Macias

Wilfredo Garcia

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