Procore Technologies, Carpenteria

2019 Calibre Award Winner

Procore Technologies includes multiple buildings that form a campus.  The renovation consists of both interior and exterior work including a new perimeter façade, landscaping and interior remodel. The Campus overlooks the Pacific Ocean and the design is focused around highlighting that aspect immediately upon entry. The space continues to build on this aesthetic with a mid century flavor providing spaces that respond to both function and comfort. The building also had a unique interior courtyard which contributes to the indoor/outdoor aspect of the building.  The introduction of a new food service amenity and café is located between the two to take advantage of the views to the Ocean.

General Contractor:  Clune Construction Company

Architect:  HLW

Size:  35,000 SF

Completion:  2019

Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc.

28045 Harrison Parkway, Valencia, California 91355-4190

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