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Company 3, Los Angeles

GC:  Clune Construction     Architect:  Studio 440     

The Sharpe Team:
Project Executive:  Fayez Zorob
Project Manager:  Jack Johnson
Assistant Project Manager:  Nate Johnson
Superintendents:  Larry Shufelt & Sammy Arellano
General Foreman:  Giovanny Gonzalez
Field Foremen:  Danny Pelayo, Jesus Servin, Clement Del Toro
Taper Foreman:  Martín Arellano

The Company 3 project includes post-production editing studios built-out over five floors in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles.  The editing studios will serve the entertainment industry once completed and was designed with the utmost concern for filmmakers by experienced post-production professionals. The space consists of 140 specially designed sound editing rooms and color editing bays. The attached photos show the progress of construction for the review rooms which are free standing, fully sound isolated theaters to fit 25-30 occupants.  Sharpe was hand-picked for this project due to our previous experience with sound rooms and the quality of craftsmanship from our field team.

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