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630 Nimes, Los Angeles

GC:  Reis Contracting     Architect:  Woods + Dangaran

The Sharpe Team:

Project Manager:  Brad Fahlman

Superintendents:  Alex Munoz and Sammy Arellano

Foremen:  Al Oldendorff and Peter Ramirez


IMG_3521 - Copy.JPG

Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. is nearing completion of an expansive residential masterpiece nestled in the prestigious neighborhood of Bel Air, boasting an impressive 35,000 square feet of floor space spread across three levels. This private residence was purchased in 2018 and torn down to the wooden framing. Employing innovative techniques, Sharpe utilized metal framing in new select areas, while the majority of our efforts were dedicated to the installation of drywall, meticulously crafted GFRC ceiling molding, elegant reveals, ornate trim, and a flawless level-5 finish that permeates every corner of this residence.

Drywall in this project totals 102,725 square-feet.

Hover over each picture for a detailed description.  Click on each picture for full view.

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