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Burbank, CA



GC:  GCX     Architect:  HLW


Project Manager:  Mark Pomeroy

Superintendents: Larry Shufelt and Sammy Arellano

Project Foremen:  Clemente Del Toro, Gio Hernandez, Danny Pelayo and Martin Arellano

Iyuno revolutionizes the future with leading technology and innovation.  Since their inception, technology has been at the forefront of everything they do.  Their new Burbank offices are quite impressive and include cutting-edge dubbing facilities and enhanced studio capabilities. 


The 38,000 square-foot space covers three floors and includes solo recording and dual recording studios, control rooms, edit bays, ADR rooms, data storage rooms and sound-isolated rooms meticulously designed for total sound mitigation.  The space also includes open and private offices, various lounge areas, kitchens and pantries.


Mason isolators and mineral wool insulation were both used in the space in addition to multiple layers of drywall to help with the sound rating throughout all three floors. The space includes full-height drywall partition framing for all of the offices as well as box-in-box partition framing for all of the sound rooms.   All totaled, Sharpe installed approximately 140,000 square-feet of drywall.

Hover over each picture for a detailed description.  Click on each picture for full view.

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