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NBC Universal Office Building, Los Angeles

GC:  Hathaway Dinwiddie     Architect:  House & Robertson and Lever Architecture

The Sharpe Team:
Project Manager:  Brad Fahlman

Project Manager, Exterior: Stephen Trevino

Project Engineer: Trevor Vander Pol

Field Superintendents: Larry Shufelt and Sammy Arellano

Project Superintendent: Jim Romero

Project Foremen: Gordon Compton, Leo Porcallo and Marshall Reis

Project Foreman, Exterior: Rusty Hatton

At NBC Universal’s historic working studio lot, a transformation of the landscape sparks where and how creative work happens across a newly connected campus.  Outdoor amenities are central to the expansion including the siting of the new 400,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art Office Building with the existing structures to frame a new central green at the social heart of the campus.

Along a dramatic slope, the 11-story Office Building anchors the furthest end of the paseo. A double-height lobby connects to the central green, providing additional indoor-outdoor work and gathering spaces helping to create a seamless transition from office to plaza. Like the outdoor spaces, the Office Building is designed to support collaboration and interaction in a variety of settings. A “flex floor” common space is home to a cafe, shared meeting and conference rooms, and two state-of-the-art screening rooms/theaters. An exterior terrace runs the length of the flex floor, with a variety of seating areas including outdoor conference rooms and views across campus, the Valley, and the San Gabriel Mountains.


This building will serve as the new central office for NBC Universal.  The screening rooms include sound dampening to allow films to be shown during the average working day. Sharpe’s scope also includes extensive exterior work as well as modifications to the existing Stage 12 structure next door.  Total drywall square footage is 1,100,000 square-feet.

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