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Supernal, Irvine

GC:  HITT Contracting     Architect:  RMW

The Sharpe Team:
Project Manager:  Samuel Cuevas, Jr.
Assistant Project Manager:  Nate Johnson
Superintendents:  Alex Munoz & Sammy Arellano
Foreman:  Rene Gonzalez
Taper Foreman:  Luis Acuna

Sharpe is working on a 26,000 square-foot Research Center for Supernal which is housed inside a warehouse on Waterworks Way in Irvine. The front of the warehouse is made up of conference rooms and private offices which cover both downstairs and upstairs.  The back of the warehouse will be utilized for testing and manufacturing for lithium powered jets and aircraft.  The Sharpe team is currently 85% complete and expect to be wrapped up in the middle of August.

Supernal (a division of Hyundai) is rethinking transportation from the ground up by building electronic air vehicles as well as developing the supporting ground infrastructure. Leveraging the scale of Hyundai’s technology and manufacturing capabilities, they expect entry into service in 2028.

Hover over each picture for a detailed description.  Click on each picture for full view.

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