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UTA Bungalows, Beverly Hills

GC:  JDM     Architect:  RIOS

The Sharpe Team:
Project Manager:  Mark Pomeroy

Field Superintendents: Alex Munoz and Sammy Arellano

Project Foremen: Adrian Ramos and Joseph Romero

United Talent Agency (UTA) is a global talent agency located in roughly 135,000 square-feet at 9336 and 9346 Civic Center Drive in Beverly Hills. Established in 1991, it represents artists and other professionals across the entertainment industry. The UTA Bungalows project includes the addition of new offices, conference rooms and meeting rooms in their four existing buildings. The design intent is to incorporate as much open ceiling concept to allow the original architecture to be put on display.  This meant that finishes needed to be perfect from floor to ceiling. The Sharpe Field Team was able to turn over a project that UTA will be proud of for years to come.  The finished product is right around the corner...

Hover over each picture for a detailed description.  Click on each picture for full view.

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