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What is DIRTT?

DIRTT offers customizable, sustainable, architectural interiors that support reconfiguration and comprehensive customization. It is a method that progresses the face and the pace of interior solutions through prefabrication, distributed manufacturing and industry-leading ICE® software. The Sharpe+DIRTT alliance will bring many benefits to your project, and offers new opportunity for our industry partners, combining space customization with modern construction.


Why Sharpe+DIRTT?

Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. and DIRTT Environmental Solutions have joined forces in a partnership to make Sharpe your local DIRTT solutions provider.  Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. can utilize our resources having hundreds of long-term union trade craftsmen at our fingertips.  With over 44 years of experience, our tradesmen can organically transition into DIRTT.  As drywall contractors, we are builders, and we are well-equipped because we are on the front-end of the project.  We have relationships and an understanding with all trades as well as the General Contractors and Architects.  We also understand building rules and regulations, building owners, the elevators, and safety protocols.  We have the technology and the skill to survey existing conditions and materials while we are striving to create efficiency and reduce go-backs.  We can deliver a more fail-safe installation and reduce front-end design time as well as back-end construction.


Sharpe’s certified DIRTT technicians will deliver high-quality installation with the level of precision and service our clients expect from Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc.   We have the ability to prefabricate cabinets, walls, bathrooms and bedheads to name a few.  We have the ability to provide structural acoustical support above glass walls which we can incorporate into the design at the front-end.  This includes support systems and engineering, sound and fire ratings.


Our ability to communicate with the entire project team early on and throughout the design and build process enables the project team to foresee and address potential issues and possible conflicts, then make educated adjustments as needed to prevent any potential challenges that may affect the design, schedule or budget.


The process will be seamless. 


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Project Executive


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Project Manager


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Industry Liaison

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