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Celebrating Excellence in Safety:  Sharpe wins

HITT Contracting's Annual Safety Award


We are thrilled to announce that Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. has been honored with the prestigious Safety Award from HITT Contracting for our exceptional commitment to safety and excellence in our field operations. This award, bestowed upon us by HITT’s project teams through rigorous inspection and evaluation, celebrates subcontractors who exemplify outstanding safety practices and work ethics.


"On behalf of the 1,500 team members at HITT Contracting, I’d like to personally congratulate Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. for winning our annual Safety Award! We give this award once a year to subcontractors who have gone above and beyond in their safe work ethics. The winner is nominated by our project teams and determined by pulling inspection reports through our safety software, Predictive Solutions, and through observation of your company’s work habits. Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. truly excelled with its safety work ethics in the past year. Please accept our sincere appreciation for your company’s outstanding efforts. It truly is a pleasure to work with professional subcontractors who operate with such integrity." - HITT Contracting


"While we always emphasize the importance of safety internally and externally, and it’s engrained within our company’s culture and DNA, I’m beyond proud to see Sharpe get recognized by a client directly. Please note we did not submit for this award in any way, we were picked by HITT out of the pool of trade partners that they work with. It is because of our employees and all our field’s efforts this year that we have been recognized by this very important client." - Fayez S. Zorob, EVP, Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc.


At Sharpe, safety is not just a priority but a core value embedded in our daily operations. This accolade underscores our unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being of our team members and maintaining the highest standards of safety across all our projects. We are immensely grateful for the dedication and hard work of every member of our team, whose diligence and adherence to safety protocols have made this achievement possible.


As we reflect on the challenges of recent years, we extend our sincere thanks to all our clients for their continued trust and partnership. Together, we look forward to achieving even greater milestones in safety and excellence in the years ahead.


Thank you for being part of our journey towards safer and more successful projects.

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