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Sharpe wins CREST AWARD from the

Finishing Contractors Association

FCA_Crest_Award_Winner_2020_jpg - Copy2.jpg

We are pleased to announce that Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. has been selected as a CREST AWARD WINNER by the Finishing Contractors Association. The FCA CREST Awards (Contractors Recognizing Excellence in Safety Training) was created to provide recognition to contractors who maintain effective safety programs, and winners of a CREST Award are internationally-recognized for their commitment to safety excellence. The Sharpe team has earned the right to say we are the safest contractor in North America!


CREST awards winners are selected based on the following criteria: (1) Safety Program Efforts, (2) Experience Modification Rate and (3) Incident Data. The company in each category with the highest safety rating receives a CREST Award. Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. has earned international recognition as one of our industry’s safety leaders.


Thank you to all the Sharpe employees for your commitment to safety and our safety program. Great job achieving outstanding results in all three measurable targets!

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