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Sharpe SleevesUp Blood Drive September 18th


Congratulations to everyone involved in the Sharpe SleevesUp Blood Drive on Friday, September 18, 2020.


You may be interested to know that 53 donors registered, 5 people gave a Power Red donation, 42 donors were Sharpe employees, friends and family, 11 donors were from the local community, and 60 units of blood were collected.  We also registered 26 first time donors at our drive!  


This represents 125% of the blood product the Red Cross projected to collect. It is the highest amount of blood units collected within the six blood drives performed during COVID-19. This is something to be very proud of!


In return for your generosity, Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. contributed $4,200 of company contributions to the American Red Cross in each of the names of those who donated blood, as well as three who were deferred.


Again, thank you for your contribution and ongoing support of this important lifesaving mission. We look forward to planning our next SleevesUp Blood Drive in the Los Angeles area soon.

Thank you Sharpe employees, family and friends:

Addyson Cleo Nunez

Alberto Nunez

Alirio Castellanos

Alissa Torres

Angelo San Paolo

Ashley Medrano

Arturo Solorio

Barbara Kelsey

Brad Fahlman

Charles Nelson

Devin Ian Nunez - POWER RED

Eustaquio Jimenez

Fayez Zorob

Gayle Gibson

Gilbert Castro

Gilbert Castro, SR.

Heather Karpp

Henry Jimenez

Jack Johnson

Joseph Romero

Keith Mac

Kristen De Loera

Kristina Moyao

Larry Shufelt - POWER RED

Leandro Porcallo

Leo Bandini

Leonardo Fernandez

Maggie Escamilla

Maria Porcallo

Mark Pomeroy - POWER RED

Michael Lormans

Mynna Tabuloc

Nicolas Evans - POWER RED

Pat Tabarejo

Richard Zuvala - POWER RED

Ronnell Kelly

Sammy Arellano

Stephen Trevino

Sylvia Murillo

Taghrid Zorob

Venessa Trevino

Veronica Macias

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