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Build-A-Bike Round 2!


Several of Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. employees took part in a "Build A Bike" event on April 23rd which is a part of a leadership program focused on growing leaders, engaging teams, and overcoming challenges.  Each class comes with challenges to encourage the teams to try new ideas. One of the team challenges is working together, blindfolded, to assemble children’s bikes.  This 40-minute event represents the stress and challenges of the job site where depending on teammates for information and collaboration is paramount. Stress brings out different things in everyone, but leaders have to understand that the product matters even when you’re frustrated. Someone is going to receive your work so your attitude matters, a lot. The people that benefit from the challenge are young children recovering from cancer, and children who have never owned a bike.  Driving home the lesson that everything Sharpe employees do, matters. At Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc., we do more than just Drywall.

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