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Military Leadership Methods (MLM)
Wolfpack Graduation

CommandReady MLM Wolfpack

CommandReady MLM Wolfpack

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The Wolf Pack Graduation Ceremony was the conclusion event after eight modules on leadership development for the Foremen of Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc.  Select employees met bi-weekly over a four-month period with the goal to empower potential leaders to understand the monumental difference their leadership can make on a job to ensure success for the entire organization. Leaders making decisions that act in the best interest of the build, with the confidence that they understand the mission and know how their input can accelerate and grow their entire team.


“The Apex Protection Project” rescues wolves and also brings awareness to the community about the value of the wolf pack.  Wolves are sometimes misunderstood even though humans have been partnering with wolves for over 35,000 years.  There is still a lot to learn from them, like the benefit of healthy conflict, working toward a common goal and roles of different people on a team.


Congratulations to all the participants and graduates!

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