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Recap of Executive Committee
All-Company Meeting April 24, 2020

This video has been deleted.

On Friday, April 24, 2020, Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. Executive Team conducted an all-company video conference meeting. The theme of the meeting was “Celebrating Team Work” and was appropriately titled “This is Who We Are”. The meeting started with two inspiring videos (click on the links below to view the videos), followed by a message from each member of the Executive Committee. Following are the highlights from the committee members: 


Keith Costanzo, President

Who we are is an incredibly talented group of hard-working professionals. From our pre-apprentices, to our CEO…. but also, who we are includes our families. I want to recognize all of our family members who have supported us going to work in the midst of uncertainty… I know that not all of our families have been happy about it, so I want to thank you for your support. Our industry was deemed “Essential” and quite frankly, we are fortunate to have this designation, and to have the opportunity to continue to work/earn for our families during such a volatile time. It takes courage to show up to work and I commend all of you that do…because that is who we are.


Kenney Asmus, Director of Operations 

A big “Thank you” to our team and much pride for what we have accomplished and what we continue to accomplish during these challenging times. Our approach requires courage, pride, respect for others, flexibility, safe practices, and leadership. We are creating success by training, educating, and establishing the will to do better in every aspect.  I want to remind everyone that we are only as strong as our weakest link. We must continue safe practices on-site as well as at home. Although we cannot enforce what you do at home, we ask that you be responsible and protect our workforce. It is imperative that we act responsibly if areas in town open up. Let’s continue to move forward with L.A.B.S. Work Safe Guidelines and capitalize on the benefits.


Fayez Zorob, Vice President

Just like we always do, we figured out the challenges of this health crisis. It hasn’t been easy and it took a lot man hours, meetings, discussions, thinking, planning, and executing in a total team effort to make it happen, but we did, and from the outside looking in it looked invisible. While it took our entire company to figure out all the pieces, the overall result was a seamless operation from our end and we never skipped a beat. We continued building our beautiful projects, checks still got cut and cashed, and most importantly we rose as leaders during these times. To briefly reiterate what has already been discussed... our company as a whole has gone above and beyond through early forecasting, planning, and quick response to ensure we’re following all guidelines and ordnances put in place to make sure each and every one of our employees is safe and healthy. I want to thank each and every one of you for stepping up.


Ryan Ramos, Project Executive Healthcare Division

Thank you for your commitment in navigating the very fluid changes to jobsites and in your personal lives. You have remained productive and your actions cemented the thoughts our clients have of Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. Every year, the committee members create and update the annual business plan memorializing goals, analyzing current trends, and looking at things we could improve. These plans keep us on track in the event of unforeseen or unexpected situations. Recently, the unexpected took a new shape, in the form of the coronavirus. With this new challenge, we have also experienced growth. We are documenting what we have learned to make these events part of our future planning.  Specific to our healthcare group, I have and will remember the perfect attendance experienced on each of our healthcare projects the day following the mayor and governors address. The team and I thank you for that!


Mary Cox, Senior Project Manager & Director of Corporate Culture

Over my 30 years at Sharpe, we have weathered many challenges. During this COVID crisis, we have all been working passionately towards resolution while continuing to maintain the Company Culture along with the PBS and the BIG C… For those of you who do not know… this is the company's Procedures, Boundaries, Standards & Communications. Beyond being recognized for our quality workmanship, our Culture is part of how we deliver high quality to our projects. It’s remarkable how many clients ask for our employees by name and this ties back to PEOPLE WORKING FOR PEOPLE. All of our employees earn their wages, but we like to give a little bit more… that’s how we work and interact with each other. This is how we have always been and how we do all of our events; with professionalism and high skill. We are a business with a heart. I had absolute confidence and pride as we moved through this latest challenge and I stand prepared with the rest of you to meet our challenges on and off the job…… Thank you!


Closing remarks by Keith Costanzo, President

Steve Sharpe has always said, “I have never had an original idea”. Over the course of his career, Steve was given thoughts, ideas and insights from his various relationships. As he shares these ideas with our team, we as well are providing input, and thus, as a Company, we do not have original ideas. It is this interaction, the people and the culture…not the ideas, that creates the synergy which sets us apart. The response to the COVID situation is no different than how we conduct business on a daily basis… as a Team. AND, this is no different than how everyone in the field operates; crews working together, apprentice training, interacting with trade partners… the list can go on and on, but we are always learning from one another. We all have goals we need to achieve and none of us can do it alone.

I want to thank you all for being a part of the Sharpe team and for all your efforts to ensure we remain safe and productive. And a special thank you to our families for your support.

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