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Sharpe delivers 1,000 N-95 masks to Cedars-Sinai


Over the last several months, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we navigate through our daily tasks. Routine chores like shopping for groceries, going to work and connecting with people must be carefully planned and completed following specific guidelines provided by the CDC. Words like "social distancing", "video conferencing" and "mask coverings" are now the new normal. 


Sourcing essential goods has become difficult and, in some cases, almost impossible. Although the construction industry has had to adapt to new methods of operations, the healthcare industry has had to endure unprecedented conditions in their day-to-day operations. Healthcare personnel are working tirelessly and around the clock to provide lifesaving services with minimal staff, limited personal protection equipment, and shortages of many necessary supplies. The N-95 mask is an essential tool for healthcare workers, especially now while they try to battle the coronavirus. Without the N-95 masks, healthcare workers cannot execute their everyday duties safely. Due to the conditions caused by the coronavirus, these masks are now in short supply and very difficult to acquire.  


On April 3, 2020 we were made aware that our friends at Cedars-Sinai were in need of N-95 masks. Without hesitation, the Sharpe team quickly mobilized our resources and arranged a delivery of 1,000 medical grade masks to Cedars-Sinai Community Hospital in Marina del Rey.  At Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc., we are extremely proud of our country’s healthcare workers and thankful for the services they provide. They are taking care of us, and we want to take care of them. 


It is times like these that we see incredible acts of kindness. There are many amazing stories of generosity being told everyday about people helping people. Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. is grateful to have the resources and the ability to help people in our community, and we are incredibly proud of the entire Sharpe team for pulling together in this time of need. It is because of what our team does on a daily basis, that we are able to carry on with our Philanthropic support, helping people directly in our Southern California communities.

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